Prophecy Impact Investments Rebrands as Falcons Rock Impact Investments
In order to improve brand familiarity and better convey the environmental benefits, our sister company has been renamed. Visit the Falcons Rock Impact website to learn more about responsible investing and to start exploring your porfolio today.
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What Plan Sponsors Need to Know About SRI Investing
This article from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans defines the basics of SRI and highlights how retirement plan ficuciaries can implement the concept. Greg Wait of Falcons Rock gives offers his take on why it makes business sense.
Read August article.


Investing with Environmental & Social Impact.
In the cover story of their 2018 Guide to Wealth Management, the Milwaukee Business Journal interviewed Greg Wait of Falcons Rock to discuss the new definition of SRI, Sustainabile Responsible Impact investing, and the incresing number of clients making it a priority.
Read May article.


Companies’ Social Impact Increasingly Scrutinized by Investors.
Greg Wait of Falcons Rock gave his insight into the recent rise and benefits of socially responsible investing (SRI) for this BizTimes article from February 5th.
Read February article.


History Has Steered Folks to Environmental, Social and Governance Investing.
In this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article from July 15th, Tom Saler explores socially responsible investing (SRI) and breaks down some recent high-profile examples.
Read July article.


New Firm Targets Socially Responsible Investors.
In this article from January 9th, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Kathleen Gallagher explores Greg Wait's launch of a new company that combines socially responsible investing and online investment advice.
Read January article.


Investment Trends, with insights by Greg Wait. In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's October 17th article, Kathleen Gallagher and Greg Wait discuss the recent rise of environmental, social and governance, or ESG investing. Greg provides insight into how reduced risk and improved returns are causing money managers to include ESG investing in their portfolios. Read October article.


Responsible Investing: Creating Financial and Non-Financial Value by Greg Wait. Do investors sacrifice returns in pursuit of their goal of advocating for a better world in which to live?
Learn more.


Ten-Year History of Investment Manager Performance by Greg Wait. As part of our process, we have conducted investment manager research and due diligence resulting in manager or fund recommendations to our clients. Here are our findings.


The month of September, 2013 marked the 10-year anniversary of Falcons Rock serving our clients and building relationships. We are grateful for all the years of friendship, loyalty, and support, and look forward to our next decade!


Investment Trends, with insights by Greg Wait. In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's July 20th article, Kathleen Gallagher and Greg Wait discuss the rising U.S. Treasury rates and using duration as a measure of risk. Greg's comments relate to whether we'll be "looking back on this short-term increase in yields as the warning shot for the much-anticipated longer-term rise in interest rates." Read July article.


Dec 9, 2012, Journal Sentinel's Kathleen Gallagher interviewed Greg Wait on current Investment Trends. Read the full article: "Low-quality stocks continue to provide strong returns."



Investment Trends column of Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel shows Top-Down investment strategies are achieving positive results.
Read article on Top-Down Investing


Additional articles in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featuring Falcons Rock:
One is a fascinating story about a Mequon drug development company, which has a few of our clients as private investors.
Read article about our angel investors


Another features us in the Market Trends column: Strategy targets uncertain economy - and how Falcons Rock confronts specter of slow growth.
Read how we help clients get ready


There is a great deal of debate in the investment industry regarding active vs. passive (indexing) investment management.  We researched this topic and the results might be surprising to you.  Please see our research paper on this subject...more


We have experienced interesting situations with our clients. To update you on our firm’s activities, check out examples of recent work we have done for our clients...more

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Investment Consulting Services


Falcons Rock Investment Counsel will provide any of the following investment consulting services on the basis of an hourly rate or flat fee for the specific project. An estimate of the total fee will be provided in writing prior to the assignment, and one-half of the total estimated fees are due in advance. Our full range of ongoing advisory services for Private Client (Individual and Family Investors) and Institutional Investors are outlined elsewhere on our website.

  • Fiduciary Benchmarking Review
  • Fiduciary Investment Compliance Review
  • Analysis of Current Investment Portfolio
  • Design of Optimal Portfolio
  • Development of Investment Policy Statement
  • Target 401(k) Plan Design
  • Investment Manager Search
  • Retirement Plan Service Provider Search

Falcons Rock Investment Counsel, LLC
Examples of Consulting Work Performed for our Clients

  • A 401(k) Fiduciary Benchmarking Study for a plan with 700 participants and assets of approximately $70 million. This study uncovered and analyzed all fees associated with the plan, including investment management, recordkeeping and administration, and compared all fees to a benchmark group of similar plans. In addition, we conducted performance measurement analysis on 18 investment funds, assessed plan complexity and participant success metrics. Considering all factors, including revenue sharing, this plan was able to reduce costs by over $60,000 per year while remaining with their administrative service provider.
  • A five-year back study analysis of investment returns for a high net worth client who was concerned about the performance and objectivity he was receiving from his current investment advisor. This study concluded that the composite portfolio returns were below established benchmarks and peer groups of like portfolio managers, and that the recommendation of investment products was conflicted.
  • A hedge fund analysis for a high net worth client who was concerned about the hedge fund manager recently leaving an established but troubled investment firm and starting his own firm. This analysis determined that this hedge fund manager had performed very well versus its benchmarks and peer groups and the decision was made to retain this manager and his new firm. We will monitor the performance of this hedge fund on a quarterly basis going forward.
  • A comprehensive search for a new investment management firm for a high net worth family who was considering both open- and closed-architecture platforms. This search process included: the determination of client objectives based on a proprietary evaluation matrix, the preparation of a formal Request for Proposal, a review of proposals from six investment management firms, a detailed written analysis of each firm, interviews with three finalist firms at their headquarters, and the negotiation of management and advisory fees. One firm was selected, and we were retained to monitor the results of this manager on an ongoing basis.
  • The negotiation of a life settlement offer for a high net worth client who no longer had a need for one of the large life insurance policies that had been purchased for estate planning purposes. This project included a search for institutional investors interested in purchasing the policy and the negotiation of offers and contract terms. The final negotiated settlement was more than 130% greater than the original offer.
  • A search for a new 401(k) service provider for a mid-size employer in Germantown, WI, who was concerned about its bundled provider, the broker who sold them the plan, and the quality of their employee education and communication. The search revealed a wide range of services and fees available from 401(k) vendors, and an incredible discrepancy in how fees were disclosed. A new service provider was selected for this plan, we coordinated the implementation process, and we will monitor the performance of the plan’s new mutual funds on a quarterly basis.
  • An analysis of the existing investment managers and mutual funds used in a qualified retirement plan. This analysis focused on the performance of the overall portfolio, as well as the performance of the specific investment managers and funds, versus customized benchmarks and peer groups. A structural review of the existing asset allocation strategy was examined versus stated return objectives. As a result of this analysis, the investment strategy was modified, some investment managers were retained, and some managers/funds were replaced.
  • The development of a creative and unique new qualified retirement plan design that incorporates the best features of 401(k) plans with important elements of traditional pension plans. This plan design is results-based and will provide a high percentage of employees the financial security they need to maintain their standard of living in their retirement years.The plan sponsor will incur no additional cost, as compared to current 401(k) designs, yet will be able to offer a more comprehensive and competitive benefit to employees
  • An asset allocation analysis for an existing charitable foundation, which had recently received a significant donation from the estate of a long-time supporter. This single donation more than doubled the asset base of the foundation, and the Board determined that a formal review of the portfolio would be prudent. A revised investment strategy was implemented, with a focus on maintaining the foundation’s long-term ability to make meaningful distributions on an inflation-adjusted basis. In addition, a detailed Investment Policy Statement was drafted, which included the adoption of a Foundation Mission Statement.
  • A comprehensive back-study analysis, asset allocation study, and development of a coordinated Investment Policy Statement for the general and emergency reserve assets of an institutional client with an international board of directors. Special consideration was given to currency hedging and to the foreign securities of countries represented by the members of the board. We were retained to conduct investment manager searches, implement the new strategy, monitor the performance of the portfolios, and to provide ongoing investment counsel.